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Entrust the health of your teeth to the present professionals in their field - specialists clinics "Pearl". Since 2001, we have been carrying out dental treatment at the European level and we give our patients Hollywood smiles.

The best specialists

Each of our doctors a true professional of his cases that regularly increase their qualifications.

Individual approach

In each specific case, we we apply an integrated approach taking into account the professional opinion of doctors other specializations.

Latest equipment

We follow the latest developments in the field of prosthetics and apply them in his professional activities.

Modern methods

In our clinic you will be offered the most modern methods for prosthetics and restoration of the dentition

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We have been working for more than 15 years and for all our patients have become a model of the quality of dental treatment. In the process of work, our specialists use innovative equipment, technologies and materials. And the doctors themselves are continuously improving their qualifications both in Russia and abroad.

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dental implantation services offered


Implantation of the implant into the bone tissue of the jaw, imitation of a native dental root

Bone grafting

Bone tissue augmentation in case of its shortage for installation the implant


Restoration of dental with removable dentures and fixed structures

Tooth extraction

Painless tooth extraction in a specialized operating room

3D planning treatment

Making an accurate plan treatment and virtual implant installation

Technology "ALL-ON-4"

Non-removable prosthesis of the entire jaw only on 4 implants

Our doctors

Meet our team of professional dentists, surgeons and orthopedists

Rizvanov Renat

Chief Physician, Surgeon

Churkina Asya


Sergey Shishov


Mironova Valeria


Kalashnikov Alexey


Cost of services

Consultation of a surgeon

500 usd

Full information about the condition of your teeth

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3500 usd

Implant placement

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Bone grafting

9000 usd

Special surgical procedure

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Why implants?

With the development of technology and the emergence of modern materials made it possible to save teeth that previously, it would have been advised to delete it unequivocally. However, there are still cases when there is no way to save the tooth it won't work.

Implantation is a way to restore the missing the tooth in such a way that the new tooth will not be different by color from the neighboring ones. The procedure is painless and it is safe for healthy teeth.

Feedback from our patients

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Olesya Razhina

a patient

I am very glad that I turned to the clinic "Pearl"! The implantation of the removed tooth was carried out at a height. And most importantly, the new tooth looks as natural as possible. Thank you!

Alexander Troshin

a patient

I have never believed that implantation can take place without pain, and the healing process can be fast. Thanks to the doctors of the Zhemchuzhina clinic, who helped me fall short of the sad consequences

Dmitry Rodimov

a patient

I have never regretted that I turned to the clinic specifically Zhemchuzhina - the best dentistry in the city, doctors are professionals!

Nikolai Simonov

a patient

I delayed implantation for several years. As a result, it got to the point that the bone began to atrophy and it was not enough to install an implant. Thanks to the doctors! Sinus-lifting procedure was performed and implants were installed.

Sofia Markova

a patient

I was always very shy about my smile (I didn't have several teeth on my lower jaw). In the "Pearl" they took a picture and showed me what the result would be, convinced that the procedure would take place without pain. I have never regretted it!

Maxim Vrazhnov

a patient

I decided on dental implantation, but for a very long time I could not find a suitable clinic to which I could entrust such a responsible operation. I was advised a Pearl and I am happy that I turned there!

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